11 Early-Stage Southeast Asian Startups To Watch

cover photo seasia startups to watch

We used CB Insights Company Mosaic to find some of the hottest early-stage companies in Southeast

While China and India dominate the Asian tech landscape, startups in the region’s other emerging markets are increasingly being funded and gaining noticeable traction.

We used CB Insights Company Mosaic — which algorithmically assesses companies based on a variety of metrics including financing, hiring data, news sentiment, and more — to identify 11 hot early-stage (Angel and Series A) companies in Southeast Asia. The majority of these companies are focused on e-commerce or online marketplaces, including KFit, which provides multi-gym memberships, similar to the US-based ClassPass; as well as Pomelo, a fast fashion women’s apparel brand and marketplace focused on emerging Asian markets. In addition to the prevalence of e-commerce related companies, 7 of the 11 are based in Singapore.

The focus on e-commerce makes sense, since mobile is helping digital buying and internet penetration increase and proliferate throughout Asia. As these marketplaces and brands grow, the “picks and axes” companies (or providers of e-commerce/marketplace infrastructure and services) will grow with them. That’s the role of aCommerce, a Thailand-based end-to-end e-commerce platform. There’s also inventory-management startup TradeGecko as well as Ninja Logistics, a next-day delivery service company.

See below for the full list.

11 Emerging Early-Stage Southeast Asian Startups

Company Description Country Total Disclosed Funding ($M) Select Investors
Kfit Multi-gym membership platform Malaysia $3.3 500 Startups, Global Founders Capital, Sequoia Capital, SXE Ventures
TradeGecko Cloud-based inventory management software Singapore $7.2 Golden Gate Ventures, JFDI.Asia, Jungle Ventures, NSI Ventures
aCommerce End-to-end e-commerce platform Thailand $18.8 Ardent Capital, Asia Pacific Digital, CyberAgent Ventures, Inspire Ventures, JL Capital
BitX Bitcoin platform featuring wallet, exchange, and merchant services Singapore $4.8 Ariadne Capital, Bitcoin Opportunity Corp., Digital Currency Group, Naspers
Pomelo Fast fashion women’s apparel brand and marketplace Thailand $1.6 500 Startups, Fenox Venture Capital, Jungle Ventures, QueensBridge Venture Partners
ZipMatch Real estate marketplace Philippines $3.5 500 Startups, IdeaSpace Foundation, IMJ Investment Partners, Monk’s Hill Ventures
99.co Real estate marketplace Singapore $2.2 500 Startups, East Ventures, Fenox Venture Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, Sequoia Capital China
AppInTop System Mobile ad campaign management platform Singapore $6.0 Run Capital
DocDoc Online portal for rating, researching, and booking doctors Singapore $11.2 500 Startups, Hong Leong Financial Group, Jungle Ventures, SparkLabs Global Ventures
Ninja Logistics Next-day delivery services for e-commerce companies Singapore $2.5 Monk’s Hill Ventures
Pie Enterprise chat application Singapore $2.0 GREE Ventures, Publicis Groupe, Wavemaker Partners

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