Successful and average investors differ in their focus; the former looks at goals and
portfolio, and the latter sees only recent gain or loss. We’ll walk with you through each
step of your growth, sharing not just our resources and know-how, but ensuring you
retain the memories that work for you.

Our Investment PaletteIDMVC’s investment approach is investing in early stage private companies with market leadership potential in the key segments of online gaming, electronic commerce, big data, and interactive digital media sector. While we target the global market, we are focusing on Asia, Greater China, and the United States.

Our forte is creating value by investing in novel businesses through our capital, strategic perspective, and operational support at the executive level, as well as our global relationships.

To maximize value creation, our portfolio is comprised of companies that fall into three funding stages: Seed, Series A, and Series B and C.

During the Investment Period, the Fund intends to invest up to 5% of the aggregate Capital Contributions in Seed Investments, up to 30% of the aggregate Capital Contributions in Series A Investments, and up to 70% of the aggregate Capital Contributions in Series B Investments and Series C Investments.

This investment provides the initial capital used to start a business. Such a venture is generally at a pre-revenue stage, and needs seed capital for research and development to cover initial operating expenses until a product or service starts to generate revenue or attract additional investment. Our seed investments help entrepreneurs build new innovative business by coupling capital with IDMVC’s breadth of expertise in the sector. IDMVC’s seed investments typically range from $50,000 to
$1 million.

Series A rounds are a critical stage in the funding of new companies. A typical Series A round is in the range of
$1 million to $3 million, purchases 20% to 40% of the company, and is intended to capitalize the company for 6 months to 2 years as it develops its products, performs initial marketing and branding, hires its initial employees, and otherwise undertakes early stage business operations.

Growth stage investments provide
ramp-up funding for breakout companies that are on their way to achieving market success. An investment at this stage typically ranges from $3 million to
$10 million.

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